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Ancestor of Nuclear Society of Serbia (NSS) - Yugoslav Nuclear Society (YUNS) - was founded on November 23, 1993. It assembled experts engaged in different fields of nuclear science, engineering and technology. This Society provided information exchange, scientific collaboration, and education of its members.

At the General Assembly meeting in January 29th, 2007 was decided that Yugoslav Nuclear Society will change its name to Nuclear Society of Serbia.Nuclear Society of Serbia is not a new association: only the name is new. Researchers and scholars of the former Yugoslavia and today's Serbia are very active and, internationally recognised in the fields of nuclear sciences and technologies. Ever since the beginning of the 50's, they have been gathered around a nuclear section of proffesional organisation ETRAN.

ETRAN was and still is an union of researchers working in the field of electronics, telecommunications, automatization, and letter N in ETRAN stands proudly for NUCLEAR. As a section of ETRAN, it became a member of international nuclear associations, just to mention European Nuclear Society, and above all the reliable partner to the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna.

Main activities of Nuclear Society of Serbia are: organising international biennial conferences, South East European Nuclear Societies (SEENS) Club meetings; annual scientific & technical conferences - ETRAN; publication of the Nuclear Technology & Radiation Protection, scientific, professional, and informative journal on peaceful uses of nuclear energy; translation and distribution of ENS Nucleus; public information.

NSS President:
VINCA Institute of Nuclear Sciences,
P.O.Box 522, 11001 Belgrade, Serbia
Phone + 381 11 244 74 57
Fax + 381 11 244 74 57
Secretary General:

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